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[IPk] Pat: Saline trial

Hi Pat
I will get there, somehow. I've been told I will actually be starting 
 straight onto the insulin infusion that day. Apparently there are two of us
going to
be getting the pump at the same time and this meeting is to involve all the 
DSN's, the Minimed nurse and the patients and their nearest and dearest, at a 
location some distance from where I live but half way house for all those 
 involved. So, to delay it would mean a lot of inconvenience and a start too

I've been told to drop my glargine by a few units (30%) to around 6 the night 
before so the infusion can start straight away. I've been sent a Minimed 507C 
to try at first, then I've been told if that works, will probably get a 
 Paradigm after the 4 week trial period. Also been sent some giving sets to look
fiddle with. Thing is, I've had type 1 for 29yrs, but couldn't, for the life 
of me, manage to insert one of these last week when I got them! I went hot and 
cold and clammy and felt sick! Argh!  Why? I don't know! I certainly have 
never had needle phobias or anything like that! I see there is an insertion 
 device you can use. Does anyone have any experience of these? Have to learn how
bolus/set time-date/set basals before Tuesday so I can go prepared.

Brain still not in gear...never is! Organised? Moi? Hahahaha! Hubby 
 responsible for the pressies...sending to the USA! I get very brain fuddled! I
do my
Christmas shopping on Christmas eve! Really! 
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