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[IPk] Adrian

I've had experience similar to yours..including the frozen shoulder! I have 
 eventually managed to get funding for a pump. (The first in my area0. But I did
have a 12 month trial on Glargine first. A long time, I know, but although my 
HBA1's weren't too bad, my BG's were fluctuating wildly, from 1-2's up to 
 20's within hours, every day. I, too, got sick of people saying if I improved
BG's I'd feel better, have less pain, etc. I've had type 1 for 29 years and 
know this too well! Up to the last few yrs was well controlled. Eventually, 
 mnaged to get referal from GP to another consultant who had an interest in
who put me on the glargine, then had agreed to the pump. You have to keep 
 nagging. Get your NICE reports (can get them by visiting www.nice.org.uk,
the number then phoning them). The help on this list is invaluable! But I 
believe a glargine trial is unavoidable as its part of the NICE criteria. 
Good luck
PS I've just been referred for my Frozen Shoulder, after 18months of physio, 
cortisone injections, pain meds, etc, with no result. Waiting list is 
 never-ending, as usual for rheumo/ortho. Told they will manipulate it, but then
they don't usualy do this for type 1's? Have they done that for you?
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