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RE: [IPk] Unwanted attachments

Barbara, Rhoda

 Its odd because the mails I was sending to mailing groups( various different
ones) were all showing up on
 my computer as having attachments when the arrived on the lists. I have
rebooted Outlook and it seems to
 be OK now. Actually several of your emails show up on my computer as having
attachments, mostly on
Friday there were mails from Barbara, Di, Rhoda, Pat.
 , Michael and Denise 11 emails altogether showing as having attachments which
were in fact a note pad
 copy of the actual email. I though everyone could see them but obviously I can
only see them at this
 end. However I am not going mad as two people on another list said that it was
happening to them as

 Its not a virus as I have up to date virus protection and anyway I ran a virus
check Friday night as
usual and nothing showed up.

 The first two emails that I send to the IP list today showed up on my computer
as having attachments
 after I rebooted and sent further test the last two email I sent appeared on
the list without any
attachments.  Very puzzled.


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> Hiya Jackie
> Your emails are coming through normal at my end.  The last 4 have anyway.
> Barbara
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