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RE: [IPk] Sasha's consultant

Hi Heather

Do you think Harrogate would take someone on from Gloucestershire??   How
would it work if someone live so far away from the hospital.  Well my
consultant did say that he would be happy  ( well not happy, but less
concerned)   if a centre that had lots of pump experience was involved!!   I
still think he feels that only people with severe problems should take the
(great) risk of using one of those new fangled things called pumps and
cannot understand why we should even consider it for a moment.


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> We have been so very fortunate to be referred to Harrogate and we
> see Sandra
> Dudley there. She is a tonic in our experience of the medical
> profession and
> it's treatment of diabetes in that she applauds our attempts to seek 'the
> best' for Sam. No one else has ever encouraged us, helped us find
> information or said 'well done' to us. I find it a very isolating
> condition
> and it really was the monster in our lives prior to this summer.
> It has been
> quite a revelation that there are a large number of mothers of
> children with
> diabetes (attending my local hospital) on anti-depressants. I
> know why they
> are. They feel helpless and unable to control the diabetes. Yet, if they
> question or 'make a fuss' they are labelled obsessive!
> I would love to have a GP who could understand the condition. It
> would just
> be a good feeling to have somebody 'on our side'.
> In fact our practice is looking for a partner. Semi (ish) rural area.....
> are you interested?!!
> Heather B.
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