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[IPk] Some questions


I'd like to tell you a litle about things that have happened in my life since the age of 13 (I'm 38 Now) and see if anyone has a similar sort of story to tell and then ask a couple of questions.  At 13 I started having lots of Seizures and the story then was it must be epilepsy. However, EEG's always showed up negative.  This ruined my school life (you know how other kids can be)At the age of 18 I went without an attack for over a year and thought it had finished.  But it started again. The attacks are about 2 or 3 times a month in frequency and are of the Grand mall type.  This of course makes it almowst impossible to work.  Over my years I have done many daft things even not mention the attacks, but of course i always get found out..  Doctors can never make there minds up as to whether it's the diabetes or something else.  I've had all the ussual scans and stuff. But I still seem to be in the same position as before.  Sometiomes I am a little hight when these attacks occur!
 and sometimes low.  I suppose I'd hoped that the pump would put an end to this, but nothing has changed on that score, apart from not having to eat afterwards and being able to sleep it off without to much trouble.  Of course many other things have got better with the pump so I am certainly not complaining.  Anyway  I hope you get the picture so far.  What I would like to ask is this:  Is it possible to have reactions to even minor rapid changes in BG  I.E a quick rise from say 5 to 9 or vice versa.  has anyone ever experienced this.

The reason I am posting this is because I realise that this thing has done much more damage to my life than anything else and I am fed up of just accepting it and feeling a complete prat everytime it happens.  If there is anyone out there in similar circumstances or has overcome it all somehow I would really love to hear from you.

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