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[IPk] Re: Melissa's query on priming

In a message dated 29/11/2002 13:51:00 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> I would be interested to hear 
> from anyone who uses Silhouettes who can get by on just a 1u. bolus to 
> prime 
> a new set; I haven't encountered any Silhouette users who bolus less than 
> 1.5u. to prime a new set.

I use a Silhouette for Danielle and we have been told to prime 5.0 units to 
get the insulin to come through but it usually takes a maximum of 4.0 units.  
After connection to site, we prime another 0.3 units and that's it.  I don't 
call this a bolus because it can be confusing and should not be recorded as 
insulin being received.  I don't bolus for the time she has been off while I 
am getting ready for it unless it takes me a good while.

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