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[IPk] Sasha's consultant

I do sympathise but with Sascha's A1cs, her future health is protected to a
far greater degree than most kids. Not that A1c is everything and I know how
bad hypos and hypers can make you feel. Has she had severe or prolonged hypos
It must be maddening when all medics see is A1c and you know Sacsha is not
feeling her best
I'd either do some homework and ask your GP to refer to someone who puts kids
on pumps, or agree to see the diabeologist who might know of paeds teams who
do support pumpers
I'd be interested to know why you have reservations about glargine. Is it
because Sascha has basal rates that obviously vary from one part of the day to
All I can say is you are doing incredibly well and he ( ie consultant ) is
probably astounded and can't understand the fluctuations in BG as he does not
have to live with them
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