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[IPk] Sasha''s consultant

one point in particular raises the issue that he is very ill informed: that
the risk is of the pump giving too much insulin ( possible I suppose as any
mechanical device can malfunction in  a numder of different ways)
Whereas the real risk is that of DKA
In a well informed and well motivated individual, or carer this should not
happen except of course possibly in very exceptional cases eg nasty dose of
gasro enteritis, or forced to evacuate a burning building and leave supplies
behind, accidentally pulling out cannula during evacuation and no GPs/
pharmacists available so 10 hour wait in casualty because it is busy and
medics are too ignorant of DM to realise that a timely injection of insulin is
I think the point I am making here is that people with DM are recieving
suboptimal care and advice due to an ill informed profession who often do not
recall basic physiology
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