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[IPk] Re: Not getting mail

In a message dated 11/29/2002 9:21:19 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> > We are using Novorapid and NPH.  
> Hi Jackie,
> Sorry, I should have remembered.  But what I said still stands...
> Mary
Hi all,

Sorry to bore you all again, but this is about one of those glitches which 
seem to happen to me and I find really annoying!

I posted my first answer to Jackie earlier tonight to the group address. 
Jackie included it in her response, so I at least knew she'd received it.  I 
checked that the mail was to the group, not to Jackie's own address.  
Normally when I mail to the group I receive a copy of what I sent, but on 
this occasion I didn't, so I didn't know that it had been received until 
Jackie replied. There have been other occasions when I haven't received mail, 
some of which have caused embarrassment.  I do appreciate that folk mail each 
other outside the group and answers are posted for general interest, but this 
doesn't seem to be the problem here and I don't understand why this is 

And my other half can no longer be implicated :-)

Any ideas?

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