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Re: [IPk] bad paeds care

Hi Abigail - thanks for your reply. My diabetic daughter ( Yasmeen ) is only
just 10 years old and has been diagnosed 2 1/2 years. I have been carb
counting since September to keep the hospital happy that her intake is under
control . Sorry I should have said that they felt the intake should be the
problem as surely there cannot be an issue with the treatment! The dietician
has been to see me twice since then but cannot find anything wrong with the
food/eating habits. I refuse to see or speak to the Paed nurse following the
c**p she comes out with.

If my understanding is correct I will need to be particularly vigilant with
carb counting, basal and bolus administration and check Blood sugars every
hour. My wife is the breadwinner in the family so I am able to go to the
school and check. Yasmeen has a packed lunch ( always advisable with a
diabetic child ) so I am therefore able to count the lunchtime carbs before
she eats. Out of my four children she is by far the most sensible and
intelligent and indeed has been doing all her own blood and insulin
injections since she was diagnosed.

I am assuming that I will have to pay so I will not be persevering with
funding. I am also contemplating the expense of a continuous glucose
monitoring device but as yet have not found one which will display
continuous readings - they all seem to need downloading onto the PC. I
understand this later device will only be needed for shorter periods but
this will also enable me to lend it to someone else who may need it. ( the
hospital has one which is circulated between the 260 children!!).

On the point of MDI's I agree that this would only be a stepping stone and
my current philosophy is ' if you are going to do something then do it
properly first time'. Whilst I understand that I will come unstuck at some
stage there is always the expert advice available from sites such as this -
thank you again.

Yasmeen's HbA1c's have ranged between 7.2 to 11.4 earlier on this year when
the Paed Specialist doctor prescribed the wrong insulin!!!

I have been waking up at around 2-3 am and 5-6 am as she has had Hypo's and
I now fear that she is becoming less aware of the Hypo symptoms during the

Whilst I appreciate without the 'support' of anyone else I am letting myself
in for a tough few weeks but having discussed this at great length with my
daughter I feel this is the only way to go.

I would however like to ask a couple of questions.

Having received and read a number of brochures on various pumps - which one
would anyone here recommend and why.

Which makes of insulin prove to be more stable/reliable than others.

Many thanks for all your help
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Subject: [IPk] bad paeds care

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> Funding for a pump may be difficult and prolonged
> Paeds DM care is woefully inadequate in many centres and other parents on
> list are also bitterly disillusioned
> However, a pump does pose risk of suboptimally used. I am sure that you
> well competent to use it but if your daughter is unassertive about needs
> example, while away from home there are the potential for problems ( I am
> talking about very frequent monitoring, always having backup system for
> insulin administration etc)
> You could demand a trial of MDI in the interim which would enable you to
> become more familiar with dose adjustment, carbohydrate counting etc. This
> be the best option. If you're determined for a pump see it as a "stepping
> stone"
> What is your daughters HbA1c and does she have frequent hypos/ feel
> have poor quality of life due to DM?
> If NICE decides to fund pumps it will almost certainly be after a trial of
> has proven to be unsuccessful despite best efforts on the part of patient/
> carer
> I expect you were labelled as an overwrought obsessive freak for wanting a
> better life for your daughter and not being prepared to put up with the
> implications of erratic control
> I am a GP and have read some ridiculous letters from diabetic clinic, that
> make my blood boil at times. ( Not so bad now, we've a new consultant who
> pushes MDI/ uses analogues and is really using glargine a lot)
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