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Re: [IPk] Dissapointing meeting with Sasha,s consultant

Sorry to hear of the negative views of this consultant. It wasn't the same 
one I saw was it?! He certainly seems to be quoting the same views! Also, the 
fact I was seeing him at a hospital that wasn't local, he couldnt understand 
that, either. I have a friend in the US whose son is 8 and was dx 3 years 
ago. He is going to go on a pump soon. It's almost automatic there. It's 
considered odd if it doesn't happen!
Incidentaly, I went to the dentist yesterday. It was a locum dentist, from 
Sweden. He was amazed that hardly anyone in this country is on a pump as he 
said in Sweden, it is the norm. One thing he did say, although it would still 
be out of my league financially, is that he has a friend in the UK who 
couldn't get a pump here, so he went to Sweden and paid for one there and it 
cost him less than it would have done in the UK. I don't know how accurate 
this is but it seems a crazy world that this has to happen. 
Maybe we'll get out of the middle ages soon...I hope!
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