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RE: [IPk] disappointing meeting with Sasha's consultant

Hi Abigail

I have reservations about Glargine at the moment, for reasons that I don't
want to go into.There are children in the UK using it now though.    Maybe
another longer lasting insulin may be better than NPH.  But I don't
understand my consultant he is saying that he would only be happy if we were
at a hospital that had lots of experience with children but then said he
wouldn't be happy to take over Sasha's other care like doing the HbA1cs
even.  What am I supposed to do if our pump hospital is hours and hours
away??  London is three  hours away at the very least and if we had to park
out of London and get tubes its going to take even longer and I have two
other children to consider.  We couldn't keep going up and down from London.
Plus the twin are coeliac and have to have a GF diet, not easy to
accommodate this when you are away from your own home.


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> Jackie
> keep going, you'll get there eventually
> glargine doesn't yet have a paediatric licence but may have soon
> This may be a great help in the interim to reduce those random
> prolonged hypos
> presumabley from insulatard
> Perhaps travelling further is the only realistic option
> What is the main barrier to this?
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