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[IPk] bad paeds care

Funding for a pump may be difficult and prolonged
Paeds DM care is woefully inadequate in many centres and other parents on this
list are also bitterly disillusioned
However, a pump does pose risk of suboptimally used. I am sure that you are
well competent to use it but if your daughter is unassertive about needs for
example, while away from home there are the potential for problems ( I am
talking about very frequent monitoring, always having backup system for
insulin administration etc)
You could demand a trial of MDI in the interim which would enable you to
become more familiar with dose adjustment, carbohydrate counting etc. This may
be the best option. If you're determined for a pump see it as a "stepping
What is your daughters HbA1c and does she have frequent hypos/ feel unwell/
have poor quality of life due to DM?
If NICE decides to fund pumps it will almost certainly be after a trial of MDI
has proven to be unsuccessful despite best efforts on the part of patient/
I expect you were labelled as an overwrought obsessive freak for wanting a
better life for your daughter and not being prepared to put up with the
implications of erratic control
I am a GP and have read some ridiculous letters from diabetic clinic, that
make my blood boil at times. ( Not so bad now, we've a new consultant who
pushes MDI/ uses analogues and is really using glargine a lot)
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