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Re: [IPk] Dissapointing meeting with Sasha,s consultant

Hi Jackie - I too am completely disillusioned with the - so called - care
and treatment my 10 year old daughter gets from the 'specialist team'. I
took my daughter to the GP on Wednesday for her anti flu injection and as a
matter of course asked to see the last notes from the hospital. I was
gobsmacked by the notes, but am not prepared to disclose the contents for
legal reasons. I threw a wobbly at the surgery and after listening to me, my
GP suggested I see him on Wednesday for a chat as too the options available
to my daughter. He confessed that she was the only type 1 diabetic in his
practice. I went home feeling very very very angry and proceeded to be
physically sick. I could not sleep and had breathing problems due to the
anxiety and stress - symptoms that I have never experienced before. It has
taken me a couple of days to calm down but I am still very angry. Since my
last visit to the hospital in September I have taken it upon myself to find
out much more about diabetes and have decided to go along the pump route
myself. At this point in time I do not know whether I will take my daughter
on the next proposed hospital appointment or do this totally on my own. I am
afraid that I may say or do something at the hospital which will be
detrimental to the cause. I am currently preparing a document ( probably
around 50 pages long ) which I will leave at the doctors surgery on Monday
and hope he has time to browse through before we meet. I have seen and read
enough to be sure that , with the correct amount of initial work involved,
DSII is the only practical way of duplicating the way ( as far as is
currently possible ) a non diabetic person controls their sugar levels. We
do not have the finances available to buy a pump and my first port of call
 depending on what the GP has to say ) will be to demand a pump via the NHS.
If this is not forthcoming ( and I do not expect it to be! ) I will
remortgage the house to buy the necessary pump and ancillaries. If the pump
proves to be successful I then plan to take the NHS to the cleaners as to
why they would not fund a pump.

I now have the bit between my teeth and I will bite until I hit the

I hear you are looking for diabetic children on pumps in Birmingham. I
cannot help on that one but if you would like to meet or discuss things we
live in Wolverhampton.

Keep your chin up and put your Boxing gloves on

Rob Reznik
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