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Re: [IPk] Having a bad day or two

Hi Melissa
I use Silhouettes and I prime a unit to cover the dead space in the needle, 
which seems to work. I try to change a set before I'm either going to 
exercise or eat, so that there's better chance of the insulin being absorbed 
quickly (exercise because the increased blood flow helps get the insulin 
flowing, and food because I'm going to be taking a decent bolus, which also 
helps get it going). Sometimes I have to bolus another unit or two after an 
hour, just to get things going, but usually it works fine.
I was always told that you only need to prime 0.7 units for a Silhouette 
needle, but 1 unit works for me.

On Thursday 28 November 2002 23:57, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Below I've quoted a bit of the previous correspondence just to keep
> straight who said what. I should have explained that the 1.5u
> just-after-insertion advice goes along with priming a new Silhouette/Tender
> set because of the length of the Silhouette cannula! I was not thinking
> properly about the fact that people using Sof-Sets or other sets with
> shorter cannulae would not do so well with that large a priming bolus. I'm
> sorry for the confusion!! With regard to the Silhouette priming procedure,
> I would be interested to hear from anyone who uses Silhouettes who can get
> by on just a 1u. bolus to prime a new set; I haven't encountered any
> Silhouette users who bolus less than 1.5u. to prime a new set.
> Melissa
> IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; Silhouette user 5+ years
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