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Re: [IPk] Help from Social Services

Hi Jackie..
I'm not saying that diabetes shouldn't be seen as a disability....certainly, 
in my own experience, the last couple of years, with poor control, have shown 
me that it is! I was just trying to point out the view of the social services 
here, and indeed, from what I have heard from others with kids with various 
disabilities/illnesses, across much of the country. 
I myself was getting a very samll amount od money for some 'personal care' 
(DLA nightime, lowest amount, allowance as I have had severe hypos in the 
past and cannot help myself when I am like this) but this was withdrawn last 
month during an unexpected review. I had been getting the benefit for less 
than a year, I hadn't known I was able to qualify until then. I know my mum 
always felt really cheated as she never, ever was told that any benefit was 
payable over the 15 years or so, since I was dx at age 8, that I lived at 
home. I was very ill a lot of the time, in and out of hospital, and in 
hospital for a month in a coma, when I was first dx. Indeed, I put in the 
claim for DLA due to the ME/CFS and arthritis/bowel/various other problems, 
but as ME/CFS is not a recognised condition, this was refused so I only got 
the care for the hypos. The reason they cited for refusing to maintain it was 
that I had not reported a hypo to my GP in the last 6 months. Despite the 
fact my GP had written on the form they sent him that I would not necessarily 
report each and every hypo to him! Also, that I had only had one prescription 
for Glucagon. But again, it is rare that this has been used. Even when I have 
been unable to help myself, my husband can give me lucozade or gel. I have 
appealed, and my GP has backed me up. But, again, it seems that in some 
areas, any help is at the very least, patchy.
It does seem that those in need are the ones who are turned down! Obviously 
you have a lot going on Jackie and I am not for one minute suggesting that 
you should not get any help. Just it's not fair the way the system works for 
any of us!
Best wishes
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