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RE: [IPk] Help from Social Services

Helen wrote:

> . Certainly, as a person with diabetes since the age of 8, I
> have never seen myself as disabled. The latter group did offer a
> babysitting
> service but it did cost a small amount per hour and was at the
> discretion of
> the allocated volunteer. But, as ever with voluntary services, there is a
> shortage of people to help and for this reason there is no-one
> for my son at
> the moment. We have to rely on my parents or my in-laws to help
> out, but they
> are elderly and in poor health so we maybe only get out together
> about twice
> a year. This doesn't bother me so much now as it used to. We find
> other ways
> to be together.

You have got a lot to deal with.  I have heard of Home Start, they did a
program about it on Telly a few years ago.

As for diabetes being a disability, well I suppose we don't think of
ourselves  (if we have diabetes), or children as disabled as such, but
having to rely on medication to live and a medication that could potentially
cause fatalities if mistakes happen, is disabling to some extent.
Disability conjures up images that don't necessarily match with the images
we have of people with diabetes. I have never thought of people with
diabetes as disabled but its only a label, you have to call it something.

Last year my daughter Sasha was having serious hypo that were really hard to
treat.  She would hypo in the middle of a meal and become nearly
unconscious.  We would treat the hypo with juice or coke or lucozade and 15
mins later she would still be lower and we would have to keep treating. We
ended up using glucogon several times.  I had to delay insulin injections
for over an hour (Mixtard or Actrapid).  For nearly nine months my husband
and I never went out together as we could find anyone who we felt would know
what to do.  It turned out that Sasha had coeliac and it was this causing
all the problems due to mal absorption and damage to the gut.

We could certainly have done with some help then to go out for  a few hours
for a drink or a meal.   It turned out she had coeliac.  Diagnosed by me
with help from another mother in New Zealand.  What wood we do without the

My mother is nearly 80 ( and still cant get her head round diabetes)  and my
elder daughter was at Uni and the middle daughter too young to help.  We
could have done with a break at that time if only for a few hours.

Different areas seem to have very different funding and help available.

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