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Re: [IPk] Having a bad day or two

Dear Barbara
Sorry to hear things have not been so good. How often does the pump nurse
ring to check whether Danielle's basal rates need changing? I know Charlie's
basals have been tweaked  a fair umber of times since he started at the same
time as Danielle. Also, we have been told not to bolus for snacks for fear
of his going lo.Perhaps they may change their minds on this one at a later

I do hope thing improve.

Barbara D
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> Hello
> Although I would never dream of giving up the pump, Danielle's blood
> have been too high today (and a few highs dotted about over the last few
> as well).  She was 3.8 when she got up this morning, had 2 slices of toast
> and marmite, bolused 2.5 units after the first slice and was 17 mmols an
> later.  She was 12.8 before her lunch and she ate a penguin before games
> lesson at 3 pm.  Games is vigorous and it makes her go as low as 1.9 so we
> are trying the snack without a bolus to see if it helps.  Guess what?
> was cancelled so she came home with a blood sugar of 16.  A correction was
> done and then she had her meal and bolus.  She remained at 16, so another
> correction was done.  I have just tested her blood (10.45 pm) and she is
> 14.8.  I have corrected with a bolus of 0.5 units because I fear doing
> than that because of the insulin that might still be working.  I was led
> believe that the insulin that she is on has done its job by 3/4 hour but
> been told by other people that it can last up to 4 hours. (she is on
> Novorapid).  Does anyone know of a chart or the studies to show how long
> insulin hangs around and when it peaks and is it different on the pump
> you are not using any other insulins that might get in the way and slow it
> down?  I mean, if you are on just a quick-acting insulin, does it act
> than if you mix a quick-acting with a slow-acting?
> The school gave me a day off today and said that they would test her blood
> lunch time and ring me if she was over 10.  I went shopping for xmas
> and wrapping paper and a few bits of groceries that I had run out of.  I
> can't do this normally because I have to go to school each lunch time and
> doesn't give me the time in between to go shopping.  I am thankful for
> giving me today off, but they also need to let me know when games or PE is
> cancelled so that I can tell them not to let Danielle eat the snack!
> I am frustrated tonight because we see the consultant on Weds next week
and I
> was hoping for good results.  I suppose it is expected to get ups and
> in the first weeks, but our first week was the best week ever and the
> consultant is going to be looking at the most recent.
> Barbara
> Mum to Danielle, dx Aug 2001, now 8 and on pump trial but loving it
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