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Re: [IPk] Having a bad day or two

Hi Barb,

Did Danielle change her set at any point in the last 24 hours? I find that I 
need about 2.5 units to keep a normal bg when have just put in a new set 
(i.e., 1.5 u. more than the 1 u. I was taught to bolus upon inserting a new 
set). If I don't bolus enough just after inserting a new set, my bg can be 
high all day. Also, it could be that Danielle needed a new set today. I went 
up to 19.8 on Sunday when I needed to change a set, despite having bolused 8 
extra units since breakfast. Sometimes a cannula gets bent inside me and 
doesn't deliver insulin properly even if the set in question has been in for 
only 2 days (as was the case on Sunday). The rule of thumb I learned is that 
if bg remains high for 6-8 hours, even if it goes down a little (but not as 
much as you would expect for the amount of insulin bolused), change the set 
and make sure to bolus 1.5 just after insertion, before bolusing enough to 
correct the high bg. Then, if bg is not dramatically better 4 hrs after the 
correction bolus, give an injection via syringe (something I have done once 
in 6 years, when I managed to have one set go kinky inside and another that 
I inserted straight into scar tissue).

Good luck,

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years

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