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Re: [IPk] UK doctores/ pump vs MDI

In a message dated 11/27/2002 12:04:28 AM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I do hope I do not cause offence by this statement, but if I had very
> similar basal requirements throughout 24 hours I would consider converting 
> to
> MDI with glargine and humalog or novorapid

No offence taken by me at least - I would do the same.  This option was 
mentioned by the consultant at my last appointment as an alternative if I 
decided not to continue with the pump.  As my basals are very variable it 
wouldn't really suit, except that the action, ie flat, is likely to be more 
predictable than with other insulins.  I suspect that there are many non-CSII 
orientated diabetes specialists who aren't aware that insulin sensitivity can 
vary significantly (enough to have a real effect with injected insulin of any 
regime) with the time of day, not just with one's activities.  (How did we 
cope with once daily injection regimes?!!)

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