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RE: [IPk] UK doctores/ pump vs MDI

What a wonderful analogy Pat.  I think I'll show this to my consultant on
Friday when I ask him to refer us to a hospital that supports pumping.  Well
maybe not. I ll see what sort of mood he's in.

mum of Sasha
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> In message <001001c295a8$f1bf84e0$email @ redacted>, Abigail King
> <email @ redacted> writes
> >later when asked about this again he backed down and  mentioned
> that 3 of his
> >patients had tried CSII but the pump had " broken down" on all 3
> and only one
> >patient was a " success"
> Well, of course they are going to break down!  Dangerous pump failure is
> going to be rare, but so are tyre blow-outs at 80mph.  Small niggling
> failures (the car equivalent of a key breaking in the lock, a door seal
> perishing, or a headlight being smashed by a stone chipping) are to be
> expected.
> It _is_ a cultural thing.  We are encultured into wanting to drive cars.
> We invest, as a result, an awful lot of money and angst into getting
> past the driving test.
> Look at what diabetics are told - that cars are kill people.  They are
> only for people who have failed to get where they want to go on a bus.
> They are unsexy.  You have to have somewhere to park it all the time
> outside your house.  They don't go anywhere that the (properly
> optimised) public transport network doesn't go.  They cost more than
> public transport. There is no difference between riding on the top deck
> of a bus and in Ferrari (they are both red).
> Now, would you rather have a bus pass, or be humiliated because you
> never will (you think) be able to get the car to move forwards without
> it jumping and lurching?
> Best wishes,
> Pat
> (dm 30+, 508 1+, driving licence 9+)
> --
> Pat Reynolds
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