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[IPk] a word of warning about infusion site placement

Hi folks
This might sound obvious but it only just occurred to me. You need to be 
quite careful if you use a site in your hip/buttock area and you do a fair 
bit of walking or other exercise in your normal routine. For the last 3 days 
I had a set in my hip/buttock and I realised that I was getting bad hypos 
several times a day. It then occurred to me that the walk to work, going 
dancing, going shopping and walking around, and going to the gym had much 
more of a BG lowering effect than they normally do. And it's obvious now why, 
because the site was in an area of large muscle which gets used for all those 
activities - far more so than the stomach muscles (which I use a lot dancing, 
but not while walking around normally). So the insulin was being absorbed far 
more quickly and dropping my BGs.
Anyway, just thought I'd pass that on.
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