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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #268

Yes I was quite suprised when I learnt from this list how reluctant the
British medical profession is to admit what benefits the pump can
bring. Physicians here seem to be quite positive about the pump -
sometimes almost too positive, in that they think that with all the
advantages of the pump, I should be able to have perfect blood glucose
all the time - I wish. As far as I understand, amazingly enough there
are many more pumps per diabetic here than in the UK. I had no problems
getting funding for all the pump consumables - I land up paying 10% of
the cost - but did have to fight to get the local equivalent of the NHS
to contribute to the cost of the pump itself (that was when I
encountered the dr who wondered if I was worthy of them paying for the
pump, since even with the pump I did not have normal HbA1c), but they
did in the end.
I was only on injections for 10 months before starting the pump, so
cannot comment on the problem of finding good pump sites after years of
injections. I did feel terribly preoccupied with the pump for the first
weeks after starting, so can understand your reluctance to start
yourself while your daughter is still in the trial stage. I must say
that after 5 years, I still do not enjoy changing sets, still have some
residual nervousness every time I have to stick that needle in, but
often it goes in so easily.
Good luck wuth your decisions
> Wow!  Are you really in Israel and on a pump?  I think our country is
> way 
> behind other countries.  Thanks very much for all your advice; it has
> been 
> very well worth reading for me.  I will print your comments out and
> use them 
> to think about what I am going to do.  As you may understand, I have
> an 
> 8-year-old daughter on a pump trial at the moment and I don't think
> that two 
> of us can be on a trial at the same time.  I would like this but I
> wonder 
> where I would insert it after being so sore after years of
> injections. Oh, 
> and did you have to pay for the pump yourself?
> Barbara
> Mum to Danielle aged 8 on pump trial at the moment and loving it.

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