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Re: [IPk] Fat

Hi Heather,

The Fat's been covered ... let me have a go at the log book. This, you
must understand, from someone who hasn't recorded what she's eaten for
over a year ....

I find recording pays back only so far: while there's room for
improvement, and time to put into the analysis, it's great.  If there
isn't time to put into the analysis, then the charts that come off the
bg meter are fine.

While charting by hand, it pays to record _everything_: insulin, food
(both by name, and by grams of CHO  and calories), exercise, menstrual
cycle, other drugs, etc.  

If you only record by hand, you need to record as you go, not depend on
the meter and pump memory - as you say, who can remember why they
bolused 2.1 at 11.25 three days ago?  Cookie?  High Bg?  Toast?

The meter graphs can only be seen at a very crude level - even if you
show a month per page - and any doctor pointing at a high and asking
'why?' needs to be referred to the Psychiatrists - definitely one
syringe short of a diabetes kit.

The cumulative day graphs will probably not reveal anything (after all,
if you are always high at 2pm, and always low at 7pm, you'ld have
noticed that, wouldn't you?)

The day by day hand recording charts (even if you only do ten or so
between visits) will show any particular problems, but not necessarily
any solutions. They might show, for example, that fat has an impact - or
that it only has an impact if more than 40g CHO is eaten at the same

They will show how many of your highs and lows (excursions - makes em'
sound like day trips to Bognor) are explainable with hindsight (and
hence removable), and how many are down to naturally varying insulin
demands, and to be lived with.

Best wishes,

(dm 'it sounds so easy' 30+, 508 'it's really easy' 1+)

In message <email @ redacted>, Heather Ayson
<email @ redacted> writes
>Could someone explain to me about needing more insulin when having more
>fat in their diet.  I've only ever considered looking at the carbohydrate
>values to determine my insulin doseage.  Is their a ratio of fat to
>insulin?  Is the fat better absorbed when eaten with other food? Being a
>long term diabetic, I've  "picked" at cheese etc instead of sweets, all
>my life.Explainations please.  I'm so impressed with you others
>understanding what your body is doing particularly with regards to the
>pump - my body has a life of it's own!!I have lots of trouble writing
>down my tests (although the memories of the blood testing kits is
>wonderful now), and I'm put off because I don't remember why I took a
>bolus here or why my test was high when showing it to a Dr.  Any
>additional suggestions? HeatherIDDM 44 years H-tron 2+ yrs
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
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