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[IPk] Overdose


is Sasha OK following her Insulatard overdose??

Last November, just before going onto the pump, I took an injection of 72 
units of Insulatard before bed, by mistake. My usual dose is 36 units - I 
was tired and not concentrating.

I was very worried and went to the Chelsea and Westminster, preparing myself 
for a long night, of food munching.  The 36 unit overdose had very little 
effect my BG'S were even high the next morning.

I use to take the Insulatard in my buttocks, as it was slowly and evenly 
absorped, and while I appreciate this may have helped prevent a severe hypo, 
this incident helped me to realise how unpredictable Insulatard was, and my 
imminent need for a pump!  Isulatard caused me lots of trouble and 
unhappiness in my teenage years.  I wish Sasha all the best and hope she can 
find her way with a pump.




email @ redacted writes:

>My husband has gone accidentally given Sasha 15 units of insulatard
>of 6.5 units!!!!  Anyone have any suggestions!!!   It wont be kicking
in for
>four hours!  15 units is her morning dose and Terry gives that and I
>give the evening one.  I think we're in for a long night!!

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