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Hi Barbara,


We weighed a lot to start off with when Sam got his pump and started to
make up a chart of the most common things he ate.  His favourite (and
biggest!) meal of the day is breakfast, which consists of a cocktail of
at least 4 different ones at a time.  The easiest approach was to spend
some time weighing out every one and putting together a chart based on
serving size.  We gave him a standard kitchen measure (actually a 1/3
cup measuring spoon) and it's now very straightforward, and usually
pretty accurate.


It's obviously impossible to measure everything throughout the day and
there are times when we have to estimate.  Some times we get it right -
other times we learn from our mistakes.  On balance, I think we're doing
quite well.  For example, on Saturday we went out for lunch to a
Harvester restaurant.  Sam had 2 bread rolls, a huge bowl of salad that
mainly consisted of raisins and sweetcorn, a helping a pasta in tomato
sauce, finishing off with ice cream.  This meant that we had to guess
for just about everything.  Somehow, his BGs stayed between 5 and 7
until late in the evening - so this was one occasion when we got it



Father of Sam, aged 8, dx Aug 1996

Pumping since Aug 2001


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Hello everyone

I have found that I only need to give 1.0 unit through the pump per 20g
CHO eaten.  For an apple, Danielle only needs 0.5 units.  I count the
carbs in her meals and if I get to, say 60g, you would probably work out
that I need to bolus 4 units for her, but I tried that and she went
hypo, so I tried 3.5 and that was still too much, so I tried 3.0 and she
was coming home from school around 2.5 mmols.  I now never do more than
3.0 for her meals but for sandwiches, yoghurt and biscuit, I just give

Does everybody on this list weigh their food and count every single
gramme of CHO?  I don't weigh the food unless I am unsure about the type
of food (ie, she had grape nuts the other morning and I had to weigh
them to see how much to give her).  The grape nuts actually kept her
quite high all morning.  

Does anybody else find that they stick to a certain number of units for
each meal?  I do an extra bolus for Danielle if she has something out of
the ordinary.  She stayed at her friend's house for tea last night and
they ate chips and burger.  This sent her sugars all over the place by
midnight and I couldn't control them.  She never has chips or burgers

Although I use a lot of guess work for CHO, Danielle's sugars have been
really good and I give myself a pat on the back for estimating
correctly.  Does everyone else weigh the food and get it precise?

Mum to Danielle aged 8 on pump trial and loving it
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