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[IPk] Our GP supports our request for funding

Hello all

I took Danielle along to our GP tonight to show him the insulin pump.  I gave
him some information about what the pump is (some of it was written by Di
Maynard and is on the IP site, so thanks Di).  I also gave him a letter from
myself which impressed him so much that he dictated a letter to the head of
the PCT while he was reading it.  He said he fully supports me in the request
for funding and wants our consultant at the hospital to show as much support
as he possibly can.  The fact that Danielle is the first and only patient on
a pump at our hospital and the fact that our consultant has requested more
training on the ward in case Danielle is admitted for anything, is a good
sign that he will support our GP in the fight for funding.

The letter I gave the GP was not as detailed as I would have liked it to be,
but it was enough for now.  Our GP said that it is sufficient for the initial
request and then if the PCT want more information, he would like to see me
again to go through it and, if it comes to that, will want my input.  (My
brain went dead when he asked me what INPUT (the insulin pump therapy support
organisation run by John Davis) stood for.  I kept saying the beginning and
then getting stuck but that's because he was waiting for me to answer and my
mind went completely blank.

Anyway, the GP has called for a meeting with the head of the PCT so that
can't be bad.  He said that he considered #900 per year for consumables to be
"neither here nor there" but he is not so sure about the cost of the pump
being funded because "after all, the money is not coming out of my pocket
unfortunately" he said.

If anyone is thinking of seeing their GP to get him on your side for funding
and would like to see my letter, please let me know.

Mum to Danielle aged 8, on pump trial, dx Aug 2001
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