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Re: [IPk] Re: Being attached to a pump

Hi Melissa
Strangely enough, my last ex-boyfriend was also a result of my insulin pump. 
Long story, but we were both crashing on the floor after a mutual friend's 
party, and he asked me what the time was (it was dark). I had taken my watch 
off so I pulled my pump out of my sleeping bag and checked the time. He asked 
me what it was, so I said "it's my pancreas".
That had him in stitches, the next thing was we were beating each other up 
with pillows and a few weeks later we started going out together! 

> 2) This is high on the self-disclosure scale, but it might be worth
> mentioning. As we're on the topic of reactions to 'having something
> attached', I had expected that the pump would be more an obstacle than an
> accessory to pulling. I've found otherwise. In one case, a male friend of a
> couple of years and I were hanging out in my room. He asked me where the
> pump connected. Having had to show my tummy to half the Heathrow security
> guards previously, I was not shy. 'Remind me, where does your pump
> connect?' led to  um, 'stuff' a few months later. 
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