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Re: [IPk] Re: Being attached to a pump

Hi Barbara
People don't usually notice my pump except at meals when I'm bolusing.
When I first got it I was a bit self conscious and didn't want to go into 
lengthy explanations, so, depending on who asked me what it was, I either 
just said "it's  a medical device" or "it's to enable me to communicate with 
my alien family". The latter usually made them laugh so much they forgot to 
ask any more questions! Now I usually just say "it's an insulin pump" and 
don't offer any more explanation unless they ask for it. If they do I say 
that I have diabetes and it keeps me alive. 

At the dance competition I was taking part in on Saturday I was wearing a low 
cut top and I had the pump in my bra. I did get quite a few strange looks as 
I forgot that anyone taller than me could see straight down my top and see 
this strange black box! So in the end I just said "well, I've got to put it 
somewhere, where else would *you* put it? And anyway, why are you looking 
down my top?" and that shut them up pretty quickly!

Oh, and I came 5th in the competition so I was very happy!

> He went on to tell me that he doesn't think a pump would suit me and that
> he wouldn't have one if he was diabetic.  My brother (aged 26) is very body
> image conscious and he thinks that people would ask him what it was, so he
> has said that he wouldn't want one either.  Funny isn't it?
> Barbara
> Mum to Danielle aged 8 on pump trial and loving it
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