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[IPk] Re: Rhoda's advice to Barbara/Danielle

In a message dated 24/11/2002 23:38:47 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Is it a psychological/mental thing about inserting a set into yourself?  The 
> more you think 
> about it, the bigger the barrier that can become.  The best thing it to try 
> one of Danielle's on 
> yourself.  

Well, although I have been diabetic for 29 years, I am a chicken at the end 
of the day.  I don't like injections.  I do my own obviously, but I panic 
weeks before having to have an injection done by a nurse and I hate my blood 
being taken.  I don't look at any needles because, if I did, I would pull 
away.  I had my flu jab the other day and I couldn't look around the room in 
case I saw the needle!

Well, Rhoda's idea about trying one of Danielle's infusion sets on me is a 
good idea.  I will try this before January when my appointment is.
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