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[IPk] Re: Being attached to a pump

In a message dated 23/11/2002 22:53:22 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> If you are worried about being attached to a pump (or your husband would
> like to try it)

Hello Pat

My husband had to try the pump for himself whilst Danielle was on the trial.  
He wore it to show her that it is not a problem and nobody can really see it. 
 He reported to her that nobody asked about it and it was great.

He went on to tell me that he doesn't think a pump would suit me and that he 
wouldn't have one if he was diabetic.  My brother (aged 26) is very body 
image conscious and he thinks that people would ask him what it was, so he 
has said that he wouldn't want one either.  Funny isn't it?

Mum to Danielle aged 8 on pump trial and loving it
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