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Hello everyone

I have found that I only need to give 1.0 unit through the pump per 20g CHO 
eaten.  For an apple, Danielle only needs 0.5 units.  I count the carbs in 
her meals and if I get to, say 60g, you would probably work out that I need 
to bolus 4 units for her, but I tried that and she went hypo, so I tried 3.5 
and that was still too much, so I tried 3.0 and she was coming home from 
school around 2.5 mmols.  I now never do more than 3.0 for her meals but for 
sandwiches, yoghurt and biscuit, I just give 2.5.

Does everybody on this list weigh their food and count every single gramme of 
CHO?  I don't weigh the food unless I am unsure about the type of food (ie, 
she had grape nuts the other morning and I had to weigh them to see how much 
to give her).  The grape nuts actually kept her quite high all morning.  

Does anybody else find that they stick to a certain number of units for each 
meal?  I do an extra bolus for Danielle if she has something out of the 
ordinary.  She stayed at her friend's house for tea last night and they ate 
chips and burger.  This sent her sugars all over the place by midnight and I 
couldn't control them.  She never has chips or burgers normally.

Although I use a lot of guess work for CHO, Danielle's sugars have been 
really good and I give myself a pat on the back for estimating correctly.  
Does everyone else weigh the food and get it precise?

Mum to Danielle aged 8 on pump trial and loving it
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