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[IPk] Revelation by the biscuit cupboard

I question my right to voice this opinion not having got diabetes, but....

I was standing in front of the 'biscuit' cupboard the other day - somewhere 
I have on many occasions guiltily and furtively crammed a biscuit or several 
behind Sam's back, when it suddenly occurred to me that I've stopped doing 
it. It was such a revelation that eating food other than at the prescribed 
time is now allowed. It was a good feeling and was rapidly followed by the 
realisation that I no longer actively 'hate' diabetes as IT no longer rules 
our lives. Yes, it takes up time and effort still; I also find carbohydrate 
counting/ working out very difficult, however, I now feel that if I or any 
other member of my family develops diabetes I would immediately get a pump 
because it has been so liberating.

I can understand the physical problems of wearing a pump. It sounds so 
trivial and perhaps vain to be bothered about your appearance but it is a 
real issue. I know there are many people with ingenious storage solutions 
for their pumps on this list! Certainly for Sam (age 5 and using a miniscule 
amount of insulin a day) disconnecting for periods of time is quite feasible 
and just regularly reconnecting for some insulin worked well, for example 
when he was playing in and out of the paddling pool in the garden over the 
summer.  I don't know whether once on larger doses that would still work as 
effectively but it's a way of not wearing the pump if you really didn't want 
to for a short(ish) period of time. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I can also relate to Rhoda's comments about if the diabetes is controlled 
better then other health issues are more readily addressed. It's a bit like 
stress isn't it? I'm much healthier now that I'm through the stress of 
getting a hospital to put Sam on the pump. The stress of the funding is 
still there but I keep reassuring myself that it'll happen sooner or later. 
(My MP is now strongly supportive and is assisting). Even the stress of Sam 
having diabetes feels more manageable because effort is no longer wasted.
Diabetes doesn't feel as though it's as big a monster. I'd have a pump, it's 
so much easier than any other regimen - once you're into it of course!


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