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Re: [IPk] Just a thought.... re children and pump funding

Hi Rhoda,

One way this could work is for IMPUT to apply for funding for a support
worker to work with families with children interested in improving

This person would 
a) act as an advocate, accompanying parents to clinics to give good
advice to the staff, and persuade them to allow trials of mdi with carb
b) persuade the staff to allow a pump trial (it would help if the
support worker was a doctor or nurse), if the mdi route failed
b) help the parents lobby for funding, apply to grant making bodies,
etc, if the pump proves successful.

The funding bid would have to be worded carefully - talking about
'support' not 'lobbying'.

Best wishes to all,


In message <email @ redacted>, Rhoda Martin
<email @ redacted> writes
>In view of the successful Children in Need appeal, how about making an 
>application for funding to there after refusal by PCT/NHS Trust of funding?
>Would this be on an individual basis of perhaps worthwhile setting up a 
>group to lobby for funding for children and adults who are unable to fund 
>this on their own?
>Just musing as I've found how much better I am so far since starting on the 
>pump just over 3 weeks ago and reading about Danielle, Charlie and other 
>I feel so much for those who are still fighting  for funding.
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Pat Reynolds
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