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[IPk] Funding

Once again, I have had my application for pump funding turned down by the Hospital and Primary Care Trusts.  The reasons given are somewhat bizzare, in my opinion, that is. "Insulin Pump Therapy is not a proven form of diabetes therapy".  "Indeed it is common for one with long term Insulin Dependant Diabetes to have improved control and better health when approaching middle age"  
However, I live in hope.  According to the diabetes nurse she is trying something else.  She can't tell me what it is because she doesn't want to get my hopes up!!  Well we''ll have to see on that one.  After been on the pump for a short while, funding became an issue.  I was told by one of the diabetes nurses that the Diabetes centre has considerable power and should be able to get funding.  Then only a short time later I was told by the same person "Oh no we can't do anything because everyone will want one"

Is this just the Health Authority in my area that use the reasons of middle age as grounds for declining or is this common ground.

Rant over... :)
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