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Re: [IPk] Re: Rhoda's slight hiccup

> I have just cancelled my appointment to see a
> diabetologist about a pump for myself because I am not ready yet.
> My husband told
> me that, if he was diabetic, he wouldn't like a pump attached to
> himself and he also said that he thinks that Danielle will feel the
> same when she is older.  
your comments are from the perspective of a person that has never 
used a pump. I seriously doubt that your daughter would ever consider 
giving up the freedom provide by pump therapy and returning to the 
inflexible time and snack schedule of MDI. To put it in the words of 
one pumper.....

Jan 3, 1998, Sara wrote:
FYI  I LOVE my MM507, by the way, and the only way you will part me
from it is by prying my cold dead fingers from around it!

You might want to read:
"Why We Pump"

And.... peruse the stories on the kids page of the web site for the 
insights and experiences of young people discovering for the first 
time in memory what it is like to be "free" from the MDI schedule.

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