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[IPk] Re: Rhoda's slight hiccup

Hello Rhoda

I am interested to learn how you are doing because Danielle started the day 
before you (although you went on insulin sooner).  Danielle's sites are 
changed every 3rd evening (before bed) and she has had no problems yet but I 
always put a blob of Germolene on just in case.  I wondered how you would 
insert the site at the back just below your knicker line?  Danielle prefers 
her infusion sets to be there because she feels they get in the way in her 
stomach.  I also would like to ask you how you feel about inserting the 
silhouettes into yourself.  I have just cancelled my appointment to see a 
diabetologist about a pump for myself because I am not ready yet.  I want to 
get Danielle running smoothly and then maybe try it myself.  I just wondered 
if you could tell me what made you decide to go on a pump.  Did you try MDI 
(which I assume is more than 2 injections per day)?  I have rearranged the 
appointment for mid January.  I have other problems as well and the pump was 
going to be a measure of helping me in other areas.  I find that I am trying 
so hard to get my daughter's diabetes under control and forgetting about 
myself.  I know people will probably say that I need to get myself sorted 
before I can help her, but it is damn hard work.  OK, when she is stable on 
the pump, I will try to sort myself out.  My husband told me that, if he was 
diabetic, he wouldn't like a pump attached to himself and he also said that 
he thinks that Danielle will feel the same when she is older.  He does agree, 
 however that her health will be much better on the pump but he thinks that 
she might change her mind when she is older.  I told him that there might be 
another answer for it when she is old enough not to want it, if that was the 
case, but I am going to keep her this way for the control aspect of it.

At the end of the day, did you choose your pump because you had problems 
associated with diabetes or did you choose it because of quality of life?  I 
don't know what to do to be honest.  I would like one but I am not sure if I 
would manage two in one house.

Your comments would be appreciated.

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