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[IPk] Re: Tenders

> Loads of possibilities here...(and this is not an exhaustive list!)

>Are things OK after 48 hours, or do you get an initial reaction which 
>gets worse?  Do you get any pain at the insertion site - twinges can
>sign of inflammation or a misplaced cannula - ?  And what sort of tape

do you 
>use?  (There are "hypoallergenic" ones around, such as Micropore, but
>reactions even to this and have a scarred abdomen after two years of 
>unable to find anything else! - so would appreciate tips from others 
I also got reactions to the "hypoallergenic" tapes as well as several
others I tried, but not to the little bit of adhesive stuff that is
part of the Tender set.
So eventually after 2 years of using bits of extra tape to attach a
loop of tubing as an extra safety device to prevent the set from being
accidentally pulled out, just as the Disetronic rep instructed me to
do, I decided simply not to use any extra tape. In the three years
since I stopped using extra tape, maybe the set has been pulled out 3
times in total - not bad, I think - though of course it always happens
at the most inconvenient moments - and much much less uncomfortable for
me than those pieces of tape.
Not officially recommended, but might be worth trying nonetheless.

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