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Re: [IPk] Slight hiccup

Sites are generally (for the moment) on the upper abdomen since I haven't 
used there for MDI over the years or the Fragmin injections. (injectable 
form of Warfarin/blood thinners after multiple clots in my lungs).

I thought I'd chose there (a) "virgin" sites (b) easy access especially if out of 
the home without compromising privacy! (c) easy to see.  I also have 
arthritis in spine in my lexicon of health problems which makes using the 
butt etc something of a "stick the tail on the donkey" procedure!  OK I may 
need to take lessons on this from Di, Karen and others <g>

Redness is always where the cannula has been inserted and about 1cm 
around there.  Flaking skin and slight eczema type rash is where I've 
cleaned off the residue of the adhesives from the tape.

I still have scabs, lumps from all sites used over the last 3 weeks + (since 
starting pumping). Some are starting to fade.

Lumps are like pimples underneath the skin  but none develop to the 
infection stage.  One nearly did after I left the set in for three and a half 

Whenever my bgs start to go up for no logical reason, then I change the set 
even if it is less than 3 days.  This usually solves the problem.

I had problems when using Quick-Set - my bgs just rose steadily even after 
changing sets twice in one day.

Mary, you mentioned that there is some clear/transparent tape to put on 
the skin underneath the set tape.  Is this Tegaderm or (the name of the 
other one has slipped my mind for the moment!)?

I am more than happy on the pump and people say I look better/different 
and also my bgs are much better.  

Also regaining hypo awareness at higher levels (i.e. in the 3+ mmol/l {56+ 
mg/dl}) range.

Also starting to lose the bloated Michelin woman appearance from massive 
fluid retention is wonderful.  Skin no longer feels as though it's about to rip 
apart and I can get into shoes I've been unable to squeeze my swollen feet 
into for about 2 years.

I realise that the slight problems I'm having are just starting up ones and in 
no way does this put me off pumping.  

Incidentally I always use the inserter device with whichever set I use.  Last 
set hurt when I put it in but my bgs are ok and the site isn't hurting now.  
Changed set this morning - no redness visible as yet. 

Thanks for your patience with me.

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