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Re: [IPk] Slight hiccup

In a message dated 11/20/2002 7:04:21 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm finding when I leave a set in for 3 days, the site is invariably red and 
> inflamed.  I'm using Silhouettes/Tenders.
> Also I find that all sites where the teflon canula has been inserted leaves 
> a 
> small red lump.  Skin is also reacting to the tape but not fully fledged 
> eczema yet.
> Also pump fell off my waistband today (one day after changing the set) and 
> pulled the set out.  Don't want to repeat *that* experience.
> Still my bgs are more stable, insulin requirements down and some of the 
> bloating is going - at last!!!!
> Rhoda
Hi Rhoda,

Glad to hear of the improvement, despite the practical problems!

I'm sure you'll get a lot of mail on the subject of pump site problems, it's 
been widely discussed here over the last couple of years. It could be an 
allergic problem to components of the set or glue attached to you - sounds a 
possibility if you're also having problems with tape.  (Could be two problems 
too, if you're getting lumps - often due to other problems - and also tape 
trouble, which complicates things!) At the site, it could be an infection, or 
inflammation related to having a foreign body inside you.  It can take time 
for your body to get used to having a pump in the same site for more than 48 
hours (took mine a while). You could be siting the cannula too superficially. 
 Loads of possibilities here...(and this is not an exhaustive list!)

Are things OK after 48 hours, or do you get an initial reaction which just 
gets worse?  Do you get any pain at the insertion site - twinges can be a 
sign of inflammation or a misplaced cannula - ?  And what sort of tape do you 
use?  (There are "hypoallergenic" ones around, such as Micropore, but I get 
reactions even to this and have a scarred abdomen after two years of being 
unable to find anything else! - so would appreciate tips from others too...)  
What has been happening to your bgs during the run-up to discovering the 
problem at each "problem" site? - good implies cannula OK and no infection, 
too good followed by awful can be an indication of inflammation/infection, 
awful from word go could suggest cannula not inserted at right depth (amongst 
all the other possible causes, but we're looking at a red site here).

This is a biased response as I speak from experience, having had major 
problems when I first started.  

A change of set type and cannula depth helped me on the "lumps" side, while a 
change of tape helped that aspect.  Hypoallergenic clear dressings which you 
can apply over clean skin before you insert the cannula, thus getting shot of 
the glue component, are easily obtainable and might be worth a try. 

With regard to the pump falling off: perhaps you're already doing this, but I 
find that also securing the line with tape several inches away from the site 
prevents this, provided that the tape is strong enough for the pump to dangle 
at that point without the tape being compromised. I can't vouch for this 
always working, especially if you catch the line on a door handle (say) and 
give it a really good yank!! - although the extra tape will take most of the 
impact - but it seems to work for me! :-)

Very best wishes,

IDDM 30+ yrs, 508 2 yrs
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