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Re: [IPk] Slight hiccup

Hi Rhoda,

Yes, the site is likely to get a little angry after 3 days (it is an open 
wound, even if it's tiny and under a bit of sterile plastic), but several 
folks on the list can advise regarding ways to minimise irritation (Pat?).

If the little red bump is sore, a little pain-relieving Germolene or 
suchlike might help. Be careful: if the area around the old site (say, a 
1.5-inch radius from the red spot) is tender for more than a day, that could 
potentially be the beginning of an infection for which you'll want 
antibiotics. As almost everyone on this list has heard me say at least 10 
times, I've had precisely one bad infection in the past 6+ years, and I 
haven't met any other longish-term pumpers who've had them much more 
frequently. We just need to be aware.

I have had my pump fall off my waist and take the set with it a few 
times--always when I'd just put in a new set! C'est la vie, I guess....

Chin up,


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