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Hi Abi
When Jaz was on 2 injections, the morning one was mixed in a syringe from 
humalog, insulatard and actrapid.This was because having been thru' many 
mixtard and humalog mixes, control was something to dream about, but he was 
living a nightmare, as was I, never knowing when he would have a severe 
hypo.The morning mix was done to take into account the AM BG reading and how 
much he was going to eat. We were fortunate in that our DSN had taught us 
basics of adjusting the morning dose.
On conventional therapy BG 9.6 and 9.0, but represented most readings in the 
20 and 30's PM and hypos am and in the night.On MDI, sure it meant more 
injections, but he felt better, had more energy and levels went to 8.6 after 
3 months.However, his arm quickly became granular and I feel if he were on 
MDI for a year, we would have run out of sites..On the pump the sites should 
last longer. MDI was good training for the pump, but given the choice of the 
2 the pump is luxury for him, and me. In addition to better control you have 
all the lifestyle pluses,like being nearly normal, not injecting in the 
school canteen, eating when and what he wants, and not standing out at 
school.(In fact one of his school mates is really jeallous 'cos he thinks 
Jaz has got one of the newest smallest phones he's seen!!!)

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