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presumabley your son mixed his own cocktail rather than being on mixtard, even
when on twice daily insulin, or how would you have managed to switch to MDI
without the consent of the hospital?
I am just very interested, and impressed by your assertiveness. It is a
tragedy that you have to make yourself unpopular to get this far.
I am interested to hear how much control and flexibility improved by this
I have definitely read some opinions that MDI doesn't  give better control
than twice daily insulin ( Can't remember any particular references).
Obviously this was with MDI that hadn't been optimised to the patient's needs,
infrequent testing, no carb assessment etc. I think some people who just do
the bare minimum to stay conscious get switched to MDI in an attempt to
improve their control, when improving control isn't part of their agenda. Then
of course there is the issue of what we tend to get taught in many clinics
isn't true basal bolus, but simply splitting the dose into 4 . And the lack of
encouragement re carb counting, and encouraging too infrequent testing. And
the worry that " intensive" insulin therapy will lead to too many problematic
hypos, when some people have shown that with proper care the reverse may be
true. I wonder how many paeds diabetes teams are put off MDI because they
don't want the hassle of educating schools about the need for injections/
testing in school hours etc
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