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RE: [IPk] Software for charting blood sugars etc

Hi everyone -

Sorry to be late responding on this one...

My chief problem is that I use an Apple Mac, and even with a Windows
emulator running (which lets the Mac pretend it's a PC) I've been unable to
get any commercial meter software running properly. There's always some
problem somewhere.

What I've done is write a small piece of software myself (in Perl) which
downloads the readings from my meter (a Bayer Esprit). It puts these into a
large text file, which I upload to a website where I have some additional
plotting software (again in Perl) which creates webpages as required, with
graphs and charts as needed. It all works OK. It has the added benefit that
my doctor can "watch" what my readings are doing whenever he wants to.

I've been meaning to let others use the service for a while now, but I
never seem to get the last few little bits sorted out. Ah well...

You can "get at" my results at http://www.webshowcase.net/diabetes/archive/

And there's a fancier front end at
http://www.bzs.org/~jneale/cgi-bin/dmplot/ but this is "work in progress"
so please use carefully.

You'll see my September results are ghastly and mostly missing - a lot of
the month I was unconcious in hospital supposedly dying of brain cancer.
Thankfully I have survived so far and am just waiting for the hair to
regrow over the horrible scar across my head!


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