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Re: [IPk] new pump users

Barbara D wrote:

Maybe we should have played safe and stuck to
pizza but Charlie now feels a sense of freedom about choices and is wanting
to explore. I feel we can't refuse this.

Defintiely! Let him find his own boundaries. One of the great things about 
pumping is that it gives us freedom to make decisions. Charlie will learn 
how to make informed decisions based on complete _or_ incomplete information 
(don't know what noodles will do to me, but I'm going to find out!). This is 
a transferrable skill - I'm not joking! Could you imagine in an interview 
saying, 'actually, I have diabetes and I use an insulin pump. This means 
that I'm excellent at making fast decisions in critical situations whether 
or not I have full information, and in dealing with the consequences of any 
decision that I make.' Hired!

On a more serious note, I did a lot of experiementing with food when I first 
started pumping, and it took me about a year to settle down. I don't think 
that's representative of everybody, though: I'm slow at doing things and 
figuring things out.


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