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RE: [IPk] new pump users

Hi Barbara D

NICE stands for National Institute for Clinical Excellence.


They review medicines or treatments and make decisions about whether the NHS
will fund treatments. They may add restrictions on the treatment as with
some drugs for rhumatoid arthritis .................... you must have used
cheaper drugs first and show that they are not suitable before moving on the
the more expensive drugs .  Or it has been suggested that pump users may
have to have tried MDI or a Lantus combination and shown that these will not
work for you before they will fund pumping.  It has not been decided yet,
that is why it comes up on this site so often.  Sometimes it can take years
before a decision is reached.  I am sure if I have got this wrong someone
will put me right.  Lantus has just been reviewed and as yet is not
recommended for type 2.

Glad to hear that all is going along well so far with Charlies pump.

> Hi Mandy and Barbara
> It's good hearing these messages from the parents of new child pump users.
> It reminds me of first attempts at breast feeding, baby sleeping
> through the
> night etc - you think you've get it sussed and suddenly something
> happens to
> rock the boat and your confidence is shattered instantly.
> Charlie is now in week 3 and still no readings above 20 - hooray - but
> several 2s requiring changes in basal rates. But I suppose there will be
> much tweaking and learning to go through. But the main thing is the huge
> rise in self esteem - fantastic. The pump nurse still phones each day and
> sometimes later if things are not going to plan. (They even asked
> the school
> nurse to do a 3 am blood test - which she was happy to do - what a saint.)
> I think our carb counting needs a lot of practice however. This weekend,
> because of the Lord Mayors Show and Remembrance Sunday, Charlie couldn't
> come home for his few free hours on Saturday and Sunday so we traipsed the
> streets of London and ate out. It was very hard predicting carb rates for
> spring rolls, crispy duck in pancakes, Indonesian 'style' noodles etc (We
> still bolus after eating.) Maybe we should have played safe and stuck to
> pizza but Charlie now feels a sense of freedom about choices and
> is wanting
> to explore. I feel we can't refuse this.
> No-one has yet told me who or hat NICE are! I don't understand the
> correspondence that refers to it..
> Best wishes
> Barbara Dalton
> ---
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