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Re: [IPk] progress - I think!

On Monday 04 November 2002 18:08, you wrote:
> Di Maynard wrote:
> When you put the reservoir in the pump, do you push the plunger (with
> your
> finger) until insulin comes out of the other end of the tubing?
> I ws never taught to do this, but if you do, it reduces the amount of
> prime you need by quite a lot.
> Thanks for that, Di.  I'll try it next set change.  I've re-used the tubing
> only replacing the needle but will try the whole set change just as a test.
> Rhoda

Hi Rhoda
Perhaps I wasn't quite clear. I was talking about the case when you're 
filling the reservoir (or taking it out and putting it back in). Doesn't 
matter whether you're reusing the tubing or not. In the case where you're 
just doing a set change but not replacing the tubing or taking the reservoir 
out, you shouldn't need to prime the pump at all. All you should need to do 
is to prime (approximately) a unit to fill the dead space in the needle 
(depending on which set you use - for the Silhouette it's supposed to be 0.8 
units but I find 1 unit works best for me).

Another tip when doing a set change is to try to change the set either before 
you're going to take a bolus, or before you exercise that part of the body. 
For some reason that seems to help to "get things going" and for the insulin 
to start being absorbed properly.
Hope that helps
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