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Re: [IPk] Update

Dear Rhona

I have only used to clip that came with the pump a few times because I found
it kept coming off and dangling.  I bought a waist pouch (the one made of soft
fabric) intending to just use it at night but have found I wear it most of the
time at home particularly for active jobs.  It feels much safer.  I think I
will have to buy another one so that I have time to wash it.

All the best


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2 weeks today I started on the pump.  It's been a roller-coaster, loads of
problems the first weekend with 3 set changes on Saturday and another on
Sunday.  Sof-Sets and Silhouette's (Tenders) seem to be better for me but
I've opted to go with Silhouettes even if the inserter's appearance makes me
think it should be in an Ann Summer's catalogue!  (Not that I've seen one

Stressful week with builders in and other stuff going on including bone
scan with the usual dysfunction of Royal Preston Hospital.  I've decided you
need to be fit to go to hospital!

Only one bad day with bg results but most days insulin use is 40 % down
on pre-pump.  Thankfully.

Despite clipping pump to my waistband of skirt or slacks, somehow it often
ends up dangling in front of me.  Makes for interesting behaviour in public
places <g>

Changed Sof-Set this morning after three and half days (first one used and I
didn't want to change it last night before going to bed) and the site is quite
inflamed.  Hadn't felt it at all when site in use.  Keeping a close check on

Silhouette replacement working okay.

So far just so grateful to have the chance to be on a pump.  Wish others of
you still fighting for funding could be successful.

Apologies to anyone I've promised an e-mail.  High stress time here for
various reasons and I'm not operating at my best right now.  Will catch up

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