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[IPk] School

Dear all

I am pleased to say that, after writing a letter and hand-delivering it to 
the Head Teacher today, I had a visit at home from her and things couldn't be 
better.  She has photo-copied and laminated 12 copies of the care plans for 
Danielle, had a staff meeting this afternoon and wants me to go and see her 
every day until I feel confident for them to take over.  She has told me that 
she will treat Danielle as if she is her own and that everything will be done 
to ensure that her blood sugars are done at school and phoned through to me.  
She said she will phone me even if she is fine and not only when/if she 
isn't.  She was very concerned and even asked if I would be able to return to 
work and be able to put my trust in them.

The Head Teacher was so concerned that she asked me if I had a supportive 
husband, a good friend and a good doctor.  I had to reassure her that I 
wasn't depressed even though I was breaking my heart and couldn't hardly get 
the words out.  She asked me if I would return to school later in the 
afternoon for another little chat and I said "What do I do about my bulging 
frog eyes?".  She said "Cucumber is very good" so I had a quick shower and 
put cucumber slices on my eyes.  I put a bright orange top on and looked much 
better than I did with my green one earlier!  When I got to school, the first 
aid teacher was in reception and sat next to me for a chat.  I kept biting 
the inside of my cheeks so that I wouldn't cry and then the Head Teacher came 
over to me and said "You look much better.  The cucumber worked then?" and 
the first aid teacher nearly choked.

Thanks to everyone, especially Andrew Dysch and Julie for giving me the 
ammunition to get this thing going.

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