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RE: [IPk] survey: carb-related questions

> > What is the conversion for weight of bread to CHO?  I used to
> > know but have forgotten.
>general rule of thumb is grams or carbo = 1/2 weight of bread. This
>works well for almost all baked "bread-like" goods.

I use 70% of weight for my own bread, or any heavy, wholegrain type bread. I 
know all the books say it's 50%, but when I've eaten bread and used 50% it's 
been a disaster. High high high BGs.

BTW, has anyone else here discovered spelt? I had it as a cereal last night, 
and if you can believe the label, it has about 20g less carb per 100g than 
other cereals (I compared rice crispies and corn flakes). I liked it. Has 
anyone baked with spelt flour? I might get some from the food co-op.


Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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